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RG Goalkeeper Australia is an official distributor of the Global RG brand that produces quality goalkeeper gloves and clothing. You can view the global site here.

RG Goalkeeper Gloves is a goalkeeper brand designed by former Argentinian goalkeeper , Ramiro Gonzalez.


RG's mission is to reach as many keepers as possible in the world, and offer them the best possible quality of gloves and clothing at the best possible price.The brand has orginated from Europe and is now distributed globally across countries such as USA, UK, Argentina, Portugal, Spain, Italy, France and many more. 

Finding the perfect glove can be a struggle. RG has committed to produce designs that will feel perfect for everyone at all levels in all conditions and grounds.

From grass roots to the international scene, if you were BORN TO BE A KEEPER, RG is the high-end goalkeeper brand you need.


Find out more about the RG Technology here.

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