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A cutting edge, new design for Zima, one of our best seller models which is back for this new season! Highly breathable & very elastic material, it is a model with a very tight fit enabling excellent feeling of the ball.  Ideal for PRO Keepers.


The superb new GIGA Grip German Latex palm offers best grip properties, great abrasion resistance and outstanding performances in most of the conditions, enhancing its ability to catch the ball. 


The extra long palm with embossed textures and a new pull up provide the ability of an easier adjustment and better control.  Fingertips are rolled around with latex, towards lower finger parts offering a tight fit. Their ergonomic shape totally adapts to the natural movements of the fingers. 


The double wrap thumb gives a better feeling & control of the ball. 


$137.00 Regular Price
$109.60Sale Price
  • EVO Zone is the result of applying cutting-edge engineering technology to comfort. Its key features are:

    Elastic Lining - Breathability  - Elasticity  - Sustainability – WATER RESISTANT

    EVO Zone allows higher levels of water vapor permeability with the same thermal resistance capacity, resulting in superior thermal comfort.

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