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ZIMA is engineered with a combination of latex backhand on the top área of the glove and on the bottom part we introduced the DERMAFIT technology.


The Elastic Loop strap removable has been engineered with unique way to adjust goalie needs. It has the ability to adjust the wrist with this elastic loop at its most powerful method which not just secure the wrist but also boost confidence level in the ground with forgetting to tighten the wrist due to its ergonomic engineering method.


RG Zima 23/24 is our first hybrid model that combines features of a classic glove on the top area and DERMAFIT technology on the bottom part and is becoming a sensation in the global glove market!


  • New Hybrid Zone with L - Derma Fit technology uses high-strength fibers to create lightweight backhands with targeted areas of support, stretch and breathability.

    With the help of technology, the lower part of backhand and wrist using knit is a better, a lighter and more breathable GLOVE will come in handy when the weather finally warms up

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